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SM Design has created a product that will not only help reduce containments in waste water but make it where the product can be installed right into the wall. We can manufacture the product or sell the rights for the patent.

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Our plumbing siphon was invented by Shalom Makaitan and Shon Makaton.

Product Abstract: A plumbing siphon for a sanitary ware. The plumbing siphon comprising a generally S-like shaped tube having an inlet segment formed with an inlet end coupleable to the sanitary ware, an outlet segment formed with an outlet end coupleable to a sewage main, and an intermediate trap section. The inlet segment and outlet segment extend substantially parallel to one another.


The term sanitary ware as used herein the specification and claims defines any such devices relating to or used in the disposal, especially of waterborne waste, such as, sinks, urine bowls and the like.

Siphons are fitted onto sanitary ware in order to prevent the egress of foul sewer gases and bad odor into washrooms, kitchens etc. A further purpose of siphons is to serve as a trap for articles accidentally dropped into the sanitary ware, so as to allow their collection. Those are often referred to as siphon traps.

Owing to its nature, a plumbing siphon is typically mounted below the sanitary ware, thus consuming space and being un-pleasing to the eye. Often such plumbing siphon are thus concealed within a service cabinet or by a concealment built around the piping.

A wide variety of prior art plumbing siphons are known in the art sharing the general concept of a structure having a flow path formed with an inlet connectable to the sanitary ware and an outlet connectable to a sewage main, with an intermediate liquid holding section.